The Future of Visual Anthropology

In the summer of 2001 the IWF in Göttingen hosted the conference "Origins of Visual Anthropology - Putting the Past Together". Eminent representatives of the field came together to discuss the history of the subdiscipline. Three attending students were also interested in their visions of “The Future of Visual Anthropology”. They conducted brief interviews concerning this question with filmmakers and scholars such as Jean Rouch, Ian Dunlop, Paul Henley, Karl Heider, Howard Morphy, Peter I. Crawford, Harald Prins, and Jay Ruby.
The Future of Visual Anthropology is a short film that presents the common themes touched upon during these conversations. It is a reflection on how people talk and think about the past, present and future of Visual Anthropology in 2001. The film is published on DVD with all the unedited interviews. This makes it suitable for teaching and documentation. It also constitutes a piece of Visual Anthropology that discloses its strategies of representation.

Germany 2006
15 min.
Distribution: Martin Gruber, Intervention Press,

Institute for Visual Ethnography



Antropofest, Prague 2010

Annual Anthropology Film Festival at UBC, Vancouver, Canada 2008

Moscow International Visual Anthropology Festival 2008

Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival 2008

ASTRA Film Fest, Sibiu, Romania 2007
NAFA Film Festival, Trondheim, Norway 2007

Worldfilm Festival, Tartu, Estonia 2007

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Group of Visual Anthropologists